Fruit Flavored Pound Cake

In which I speak in monotone.

Occasionally there is a recipe that I’ve made that I just have no passion for.  It’s not that it’s not a perfectly fine recipe, it’s more that it is just not my thing.

I let my son pick out the Jell-O and the cake mix for this recipe.  We used lemon cake and lime Jell-O.  Technically there was nothing wrong with this recipe.  It was fine, it made a cake.  I am sure I could’ve done something fabulous with icing or frosting or decoration to make this into more than it was, but I honestly just did not care enough to bother. DSCN2437The cake stuck to the pan and broke.  It didn’t look pretty any more.  I had enough stuff going on that I just didn’t bother to try to make this into something better.  I’m sure that part of this was that I had just gotten laid off from my job and didn’t have any specific prospects lined up.  Had I been my normal self, I would’ve rallied and taken the broken cake and some whipped cream or pudding and turned it into some sort of wonderful trifle like I did with the pistachio cake and fig jam, but I just wasn’t there.

Make this recipe or don’t.  Use whatever combination of Jell-O and cake mix you want.  The number of possible combinations is staggering.  Have better luck with it than I did.

I do think this may have inspired a different idea that I have, but haven’t tried out yet.  Fruit Flavor Pound Cake


One thought on “Fruit Flavored Pound Cake”

  1. Even though the cake stuck you can still see the beautiful decorations from the pan ❤️. Also the green color in the middle is amazingly lovely. I am truly inspired to make this one!


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