The inspiration for this blog was my great-grandmother’s recipes.  When going through them to make a cookbook for my grandma’s 89th birthday, my husband and I laughed at the quaintness of the recipes.  A recipe for date cake called for “10 Cents Worth of Dates”.  In 2016, we thought that might just be waving a date in the general direction of the bowl.  I decided to start making some of the recipes immediately.  As time went on, most of the recipes sat completely untouched.  Poured over, but generally discarded because that just wasn’t the way I cooked.  There was never a mention of kale or quinoa.  But what if I was missing something?

I decided to start cooking the recipes, as written, except in the case of oatmeal being substituted for wheat flakes (due to severe allergies) or the aforementioned quirks in the recipes.  In some cases, recipes are merely a list of ingredients and without method and sometimes without title.  Any further substitutions or assumptions will be listed in individual recipes.

As part of their “American Heritage” (our version of “because I said so”) my children got the opportunity to try each recipe.  Their opinions have been represented, even when completely unfounded.

So…time to eat like we’re growing up on a farm in Iowa sometime in the 20th century.

Is “Bon Appetit” too fancy to say for this???

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