Easy Bars

I am going to apologize upfront for my pictures with this recipe.  They are very yellow.  I took them a while back before I had figured some things out about my camera.  We have Edison bulbs in the light fixture above our stove and I didn’t make the proper adjustments to compensate for that.  DSCN2621My husband is a chocolate peanut butter freak.  When we go out for milkshakes, it is almost certain that his will be chocolate peanut butter.  I used to be crazy about peanut butter, but hate the smell of wet peanut butter, so I hesitate to ever use it because I don’t want to smell the peanut butter as the dishes are being cleaned. When I saw the recipe for Easy Bars, I knew that making these bars would make up for some of my past cooking missteps.  DSCN2636First of all, I substituted wheat flakes for oats because I am allergic to oats, however Easy Bars should be made with oats.  Wheat flakes are a sub par substitute.  It’s not that the recipe failed or that they were bad or anything, but the wheat flakes I had were thicker than oats would’ve been, so they didn’t hold their shape as well as I would’ve liked.  I am sure that I could figure out some adjustments if I were to make these again, but since the recipe calls for oats, use those.  If someone knows of a great substitution, let me know.  DSCN2637Easy bars are easy.  They require very little work and yield delicious results. Easy Bars

Easy Bar

4 cups oatmeal
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup oleo (margarine) melted

Mix together and bake at 425 for 10 minutes.
Melt 6 oz chocolate chips and 1/2 cup peanut butter and spread over baked mixture.





2 thoughts on “Easy Bars”

  1. These look amazing! Your substitution of wheat flakes sounds really good and they look exactly like the oats. I was worried your “you must try some of everything” was going to have to be broken. You are amazing to keep up with these recipes through a new job and the flu! Crazy girl!


    1. I just talked to my new friend who used to be a pastry chef. The problem with the wheat flakes is that they are thicker than the oats. So they don’t absorb and soften the same way the oats do.


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