Party Cookies for the Super (Punch) Bowl

In which we prepare for the Big Game.

As most of you know, the Super Bowl is on Sunday.  For those of you who don’t know (like a lot of my family), there are a bunch of great commercials on TV on Sunday interrupted by a sportsball game.  Whatever your plans, whoever your team, chances are people are going to want to eat.  (Just a hint, people always want to eat.) M&M Party Cookies on plate

I have punch recipes.  I have a lot of punch recipes.  I have more punch recipes than I have occasions to have punch.  I’m going to need to start having more occasions. Maybe I need to celebrate small things like learning a new Spanish vocabulary word or not falling down the stairs.  Lime Punch BowlA few years ago, I bought a double drink dispenser for the kids’ birthday party.  I served both iced tea and lemonade with flavored simple syrups so that party guests could have whatever combination they wanted to drink. The only reason I bring this up is because the dispenser works equally well for holding a single beverage, like Lime Punch.  I hesitate to even refer to this as a recipe.  It’s something small children can make easily and probably have made a version of it at a soda fountain at some point.  Heck, these days, there are those dispensers that will do it for you.  It’s limeade and lemon-lime soda.  I suppose someone could get all fancy and use ginger ale, except as my mom experienced, ginger ale is not available in all parts of Iowa.  Use ginger beer and you have the non-alcoholic version of a Moscow Mule.  You could even serve it in fancy copper mugs.  (We didn’t.  I think we used red solo cups.) (We also didn’t use ginger beer.)Lime PunchOk, about those cookies.  When the boys were little we took them out to a restaurant on a Friday night.  The kids meals came with a choice of dessert.  One boy ordered a chocolate chip cookie before he was told the options and the other chose an M&M cookie after listening to his choices.  In order to prevent a jealous fight (which was more common in those days than it is now) we asked if the waitress could please just bring us 2 M&M cookies.  She did as we asked and the younger boy started crying.  “I don’t like M&M cookies.”  We struggled to console him.  “I thought you did.”  “I don’t…except on Fridays” he wailed.  “It is Friday,” we told him gently.  Immediately the tears dried up.  “Ok,” he said and happily munched his M&M cookie as we looked on bewildered.  You’d think after that sort of quick mood shift I’d be more ready for their preteen hormones.M&M Party Cookies close upWhether it’s Friday night or Sunday afternoon, dry your tears and make these cookies.  If you buy a big bag of M&M’s you may be able to pick out your team colors for the cookies.  (which means you also get to snack on all those other colors.) For those of you who are aware of such things, I made this recipe some time before “our” team was eliminated from the Super Bowl.  (You can probably even guess which team we cheer for).  M&M Party Cookies (2)

M&M Party Cookies

7 thoughts on “Party Cookies for the Super (Punch) Bowl”

  1. This is THE BEST description I’ve ever read of the Superbowl: “here are a bunch of great commercials on TV on Sunday interrupted by a sportsball game.” Bahaha! I nearly spewed my tea all over my keyboard.

    This was a delightful read. Here’s to dee-lish cookies on Sunday!


      1. Since it is SuperBowl Sunday, I’m planning to watch “Trouble Along the Way” starring John Wayne as a down & out pro football coach who is hired by a college. Very funny film, but heartwarming too. John Wayne is actually quite amusing here.


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