Swedish Ham Balls

In which I recommend a podcast.

There is something about ham balls.  Most people I know have no idea what ham balls are.  My mom waxes poetically about how one of her aunts made the best ham balls.  One year at Christmas, my mom brought me a huge pan of ham balls.  It took us nearly a week to eat them all.  I always laughed about the sheer Iowan-ness of ham balls.  One day while waiting in line to pick up small children, I heard this amazing Moth Podcast about Ham Balls.  DSCN3005



I have a bunch of ham ball recipes.  So be prepared.  This will not be the last one.  But for my brother who just grilled a ham today, if you decide not to make the Ham Loaf with Cheese Crust, this is a decent recipe to try with your leftovers.  (The kids complained, but mostly about the texture.)DSCN3008Swedish Ham Balls

2 thoughts on “Swedish Ham Balls”

  1. I smoked my ham on the grill with a heavy mustard glaze. It’s going to make good ham balls. How do you recommend grinding my ham?


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