Christmas Cookie and Candy Countdown

8 days until Christmas…

As a special treat, I thought I would share my cookie/candy plate with you.  Growing up, we had friends that would gift us with an amazing cookie plates every year.  It was never quite Christmas without it.

I think I started making my own Christmas plates around the time I bought my first house.  There were cookies before then, but when I had kids and when I had neighbors that I really liked, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Some years I’ve been really prepared and made dough ahead of time and froze it.  I’d have lists of all the cookies and all temperatures and all the timing and had everything down to a science.  Other years, I am a disorganized mess and barely have anything done before Christmas Eve.  My favorite Christmas memories with my children, however, always involved cookies.

When my husband and I started dating, he came over on a Saturday night.  We packed the boys into the car with their jammies on.  As we started to drive, the sounds of Christmas carols filled the car.  I passed out sippy cups of hot cocoa and cookies.  We drove all over town looking for the best Christmas lights.  The lights were sparse, the air was cold, but the boys got nice and sleepy and went to bed easily when we got home.  It’s never quite Christmas until that happens.  We’ve continued the tradition after our daughter was born. This year, we have a whole new town to explore and lots of new cookie and candy recipes to try out.

8 days until Christmas…

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