Groovy Teen Bars

In which I channel Shaggy (from Scooby Doo, not the other guy)

Are you concerned that your teen or preteen is just not groovy enough?  Do they seem a bit down in the dumps?  Maybe your son wears his polo shirt buttoned all the way up to the top button.  Perhaps he has no idea how to roll up his sleeves or loosen his tie. Maybe your daughter can’t see past her very proper twin set and pearls.  Perhaps it’s time to turn off the Pat Boone and put on some Janis Joplin and serve your teen a plate of these groovy treats (while wearing a tie-dyed apron, of course).DSCN2676

This was one of those recipes that I knew I had to make.  When we were kids my mom served us something called a “Teen burger.”  This is a fabulous creation that is like a hamburger and a sundae all at once.  Literally a scoop of ice cream on top of a burger with all the fixings.  Our introduction to this recipe used chocolate marshmallow swirl ice cream, but mom said the proper way to do it was really vanilla with chocolate syrup.  My sister has continued the tradition in some of the exotic places she has lived and for some reason, I have never made that for my very groovy kids.

However they did get to eat an entire pan full of these bars.  I can’t remember who was coming to visit when we made them.  If it was you, please comment and let me know.

Ok, so what do you need to know about these bars? (I just re-read the recipe and realized that they are only for boys.  Maybe no one wants groovy girls?)  They are pretty good.  The fudge, egg white, nuts,and coconut topping was a little weird to make.  The crust was super easy. DSCN2684

I found another recipe in the archives that must be for the girls.  It’s called “teen bars”.

So if you want your boys to be groovy or just make some bars especially for teens, put on the lava lamp, burn some incense, and get super hip to this recipe.  Let your hair hang down and…who am I kidding?  I’m not even slightly groovy, even after eating these bars.Groovy Teen BarsTeen Bars

5 thoughts on “Groovy Teen Bars”

  1. These are going onto our menu for next week. For we both know that I have a teen who fits your description. 😄 And they look delicious too!


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