Found on the Back: Young

I don’t know from whence this article came, I don’t have the full article, I have no idea where it was published.  With all of that aside, I would just like for you to pause for a moment and imagine what this young girl is going through.  Take note that in this story, there is no boyfriend offering to help her out.  This strong and determined girl feels like she has no other choice.  You can judge, you can shame, or whatever it is you feel like you have to do.  But before you do any of that, just take a glimpse of life through Mary’s eyes…Young

4 thoughts on “Found on the Back: Young”

  1. In the early 60s there were a lot of articles like that. Then, along came “the pill” and legal abortions and the articles stopped. Grandma’s clippings came from the Waterloo Courier. Those from mother would be the Des Moines Register


    1. Here’s the part that bothers me, not only did she have to go through all that, but then it has to be written about. Unless it turned out to be this awesome success story, it should not have been called out.

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  2. Nothing on the back, like a recipe? Talk about a “choose your own ending” article. More than the girl’s life, which is worth contemplating, I wonder why it was clipped so neatly and saved?


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