Found on the Back: True Crime

While scanning recipes, I found this picture: Scan_0170 (3)

Who in the world is Edna Ruth Bullock and what does it mean “Told Her Husband”?  I decided to play Google detective and find out.  I had no idea that I was about to embark on a very dark journey down a rabbit hole.

I didn’t do a lot of in depth research into this, but at 25, Edna was accused of killing her 27 year old husband, James in 1958.  There was no evidence connecting her to the murder and she was not charged.  However, she had been previously married a dentist named Dr Glennon Engleman.  Engleman was eventually charged with at least 7 murders.  Some things I read said that he seduced women, got them to marry men, and then killed the men for a share of the life insurance.  Others said he was more of a hitman and just killed for profit.  Regardless, I think I might be happy that I’ve got 5 months until my next dental appointment.

Wikipedia Article on Glennon Engleman

Murderpedia Article

Article about the Movie “The Dentist”

3 thoughts on “Found on the Back: True Crime”

    1. It’s amazing that people tend to think of the 1950’s as a more innocent time. Very clearly there were lots of nefarious activities going on. There was obviously media coverage about this, people were outraged, I’m sure, but somehow this all sort of faded into the past. No one I’ve talked to has ever heard of Glennon Engleman, including the host of the true crimes podcast I regularly listen to, Once Upon a Crime.

      Of course there was a recipe on the other side. I can’t even begin to tell you which one, I pretty much just scanned and then moved on while I searched for the name.


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